Hilltop Drive

by Hilltop Drive

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released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Hilltop Drive Detroit, Michigan

Alternative rock band from Plymouth, MI

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Track Name: Ulterior Motive
give me that look like you dont know me
play with your hair, tell me a story
take up the room, at least for my eyes
distract me from your playful disguise

let's ditch this place, it's getting too loud
take me outside, it's getting late now
I'll take you home unless my tongue slips
before you're gone I'll have felt your lips

I say that you're not the only one here who knows more than they let on
I know you're just waiting for a fault to expose my intentions

tell me something, just let the words out
show me your mind
get me away from this rut
I just want to see how you think
Track Name: Horizontal
I'm faded,
dismayed, and
everything is not how it should be

you drifted,
I slipped, and
now I don't know where we stand

she said "I won't let this break
unless we've tried everything"
and I had nothing left to say
yeah she said "I can't sit and wait
while you contemplate"
and there was nothing left to say

your apathy towards everything
is hostile in a way it may not seem
destroying everything it sees
including me
so you'll keep seeing the world through empty eyes
I hope you tell all of your friends how much I suck

I don't know why I'm feeling anything for you
when I know that you're cyanide
I don't know why I can't come to from this
if it's only in my mind
if you don't see a future here for us
why even drag me along
I can't help it I'm addicted even when
you drag me through the mud

don't go without saying goodbye to me
and I won't make you address any of your feelings
and I know that I told you all those things that weren't true
but just know we were never really anything

I'm horizontal and it's all cause of you.
Track Name: The Best Way
you've been in my mind nonstop since the first day
you're what keeps me up at night in the best way

it's been half of a year and I'm still in love with you
I'm in love with you

my room on the weekends is where we lay
your heart beats with mine the whole time in the best way

it's been half of a year and I'm still in love
just one kiss is never enough with you

I'm in love with the way you laugh
the way you smile
the way you're always there for me

if there comes a day where we're not the same
just keep in your mind the whole time it's the best way
it's been half of a year and I'm in love with you
Track Name: Again
you can strip me of everything but my music stays with me
like the blood inside my veins, inside it remains
you can tell me anything but know I never agreed to hear every word you say, accept it as belief

you got the best of me
something I didn't see
I must have fled the scene
I never wanna feel this way
you are the worst in me
and it's your blood I bleed
I must have fled the scene
I never wanna feel this way

yelling words in an empty hall, hearing them bounce off the walls
no one in the room to listen to you
and at best you're just miserable and it's all your own fault
pushed everyone away, blamed it on them anyways

get out of my head

I never wanna feel this way again.
Track Name: I Hope You're Listening
you, you're falling apart
your mascara is drawn
you know what's lost is lost
your heart is gone

you, you stay up late
dreaming of how it could be

I feel the pain tonight
I need your love tonight
It'll be alright

here, take my hand
there's more to be said
the thing is I'm not the best
but I've got your back